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Hale 1 Ward Boundaries

Ward and Stake boundaries listed according to each Hale unit.

Units Time Location Ward Stake
101-107 10:00 AM Mckay Auditorium 4th Ward 1st Stake
201A, 201B, 202A 12:00 PM HGB 273/275 3rd Ward 2nd Stake
202B, 202C, 202D, 203A 2:00 PM HGB 273/275 5th Ward 2nd Stake
203B, 203C, 203D 9:00 AM HGB 273/275 7th Ward 2nd Stake
204A, 204B, 204C, 204D, 205A 10:00 AM HGB 273/275 6th Ward 2nd Stake
205B, 205C, 205D, 206A, 206B 8:00 AM HGB 273/275 8th Ward 2nd Stake
206C, 206D, 207A, 207B, 207C 10:00 AM HGB 273/275 10th Ward 2nd Stake
207D, 208A, 208B, 208C, 208D, 209A 11:00 AM HGB 273/275 15th Ward 2nd Stake
209B, 209C, 209D, 209E 1:00 PM HGB 273/275 16th Ward 2nd Stake